Skoda Citigo

Skoda wanted to take his seventh model, the Citigo. A large selection of top accessories. Largest utility in less space, is what he has achieved with this new model Skoda. The vehicle has a wide safety, ABS, brake assistance and many more.

The Skoda Citigo is very pleasant in terms of urban driving, easy to park and very manageable. A large image of utility, with a sleek front and rear modest. Small, but taking advantage of all the space.


Skoda Citigo


Beautiful image of utility, with ways that give the body apart from a stylish a more aggressive, sporty side hidden in this car. Other accessories can be chosen at the time of purchase. We can buy it from 2012 and surprised us more than we expect. This small utility is a perfect tool for the city as it has a very small consumption. It has a large capacity in the trunk to make shopping very convenient, we expected something a while.

Many people liked the interior perfectly decorated with simple accessories and large spaces for the car hidden to save our CDs, books and more. The model just released is not only for the city, this model is just as comfortable on the road, and can move much more comfortable for miles. Many more finishes discover when we go to the dealer and check it out. This Skoda Citigo hides a multitude of utilities that have not yet rebelled.

Price of Skoda Citigo

The Skoda Citigo is expected to drive the market in 2012 priced from € 8690. Superior features of this model as podrí be the automatic transmission, which reduces power consumption by 0.1 liters is not much but will eventually notice much.

Skoda Citigo Engine

No one expected anything as good as brand Skoda. A better picture quality and characteristics. Expected utility with a wide range of accessories. Version is expected for 2012 and natural gas is expected to remove the 68-hp electric version.

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Skoda Citigo

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