Skoda Citigo Diesel

The Diesel Skoda Citigo is a car for those who drive more miles with an affordable price for tighter economies. It has an engine with sufficient power of 75 hp. Skoda thought the option of a diesel engine would be very popular among the European public.


 It has the same components as the Skoda Citigo gasoline, only changes in price, slightly higher than its petrol version. What is not fitted as standard this model is: Airbags, Parking Sensor, Traction control, EBD, APS, ESP, ORVM Indicator, Xenon headlights, Sun roof, auto viper and auto headlamp. But if you bring different very useful accessory drive in comfort.


The measures of this car are the ones that have attracted people. This Citigo Diesel meets expectations for its engine performance ratio and the weight that drags this type of vehicle.


Skoda Citigo Diesel engine


But the diesel version of Skoda Citigo not be the last, thinking ahead is expected a version powered by natural gas, but this still will not progress anything since it is only a prototype. What interests us is the "Skoda Citigo Diesel" will compete with other utilities powered with this cheaper fuel.

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