Skoda Citigo Review

The review of the Skoda Citigo is always very positive. It is true that some people like for their size, easy to drive and maneuver and especially perfect for finding parking in smaller places. It has the advantage that it has very complete several models with different features and engines ranging from 60 hp to 75 hp.


This is a small car designed for driving around town with a motor that provides enough power for agile handling and driving comfort.


Particularly remarkable consumption of this utility, perfect for saving any tour, coming to drop to the 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Many people seeking economic and reduced vehicle emissions. The new Citigo perfect everything possible to save on gas, hence are more favorable views of those who circulate mostly by city, leaving very little road where this car engine would need a little more generous and grip and stability. Also noteworthy within, which has more space than it appears, is very nice into a car so small and have so much space.


skoda citigo review


As additional equipment, we believe this new Skoda Citigo, is well equipped to meet the needs of the city. The models most liked are: the 65 hp fully equipped for 11,000 € and 75 hp from € 12,300.

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