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The pictures of the Skoda Citigo trying teach an urban integrated into our streets. This little car is the result of work of Skoda, is similar to two other models already in our market: the up! and Mii.

A single body with little detail but enough to make a pretty picture. Small headlights how do you make two eyes to make room between them for the Skoda badge. He has two anti fog below the small round headlights.

The rear windows can not be lowered but the front itself. Other major brand models have relucido will like this. Inside we see a stunning elegance. It seems small inside, but the space is maximized. It has a huge space for all passengers be very comfortable.

This vehicle is ready for the city, but given the robot is also what we use Farm Road. One can choose between different finishes, like rims. This model is very nice and flashy wheels.

The elegance of this small is unmatched, but looks like other models Skoda is striving to create the best city. We drive with a unique comfort as the pilot and passenger seats are latex.

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