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The Skoda Citigo price is € 9190. And we have several models to choose from. Skoda wanted to surprise us with a 100% urban. The real goal is to put Skoda wads of money in their pockets.

As the economy the main issue in our homes, it was time to think of an economy car and very effective. The Citigo meet what we want, so it is presented in May 2012 in Spain.

What comes to be the car itself is well equipped, brings ABS, airbags, sound system, air conditioning, etc.. This city comes with a single body, with stiffness and modest. Do not call too much attention but will be perfect for the city.

Because great things do not need to make a great car. Between 60 and 70cv and acceleration from 0 to 100 in 13.2 seconds. The models of the brand are: Active Citigo 60 hp - € 9190, 60 HP Active Citigo ASG - € 9920, Citigo Ambition 60 hp - € 10,440, 60 HP ASG Citigo Ambition - € 11,170, Citigo Ambition 75 hp - € 10,960, Citigo Ambition 75 hp ASG - € 11,690, 75 hp Citigo Elegance - € 11,460, 75 HP ASG Citigo Elegance - € 12,190. And for these models with 5 doors must be added to the amount of € 300 car.

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